I am a Canon girl all the way
I shoot with a 5d Mark III, and I it!
35L,  50 1.4, 85 1.8, 90 macro, 24-70L
I also use studio and natural light.
I have a huge prop stash.
Slightly addicted to antiquing!



about me

Hi, Im Jen. Welcome to my little world. Its full of dreams, emotion, lots of caffeine, and a rock solid love for life.

My greatest joy is my family. I have two young children who keep me crazy busy most days but being their Mama is the single most important and wonderful job in the world- grey hairs and all! We do bedtime stories, soccer practice, gymnastics, movie nights, and Pinterest fail crafts often. Its pretty awesome. Im married to a hunky, bearded former Marine who is my right hand and my rock. I'm so stinkin' lucky I get to do life with him. I'm a born and raised California girl and might proud of that. I love me some sunshine, some Free People threads, painting my nails a new Essie color, and editing while sipping on a cold Diet Coke (no ice!).

I wasn’t born with a camera on my hip and never exactly dreamt of being a photographer when I was little; but when you find something that you literally feel in your bones inspired about, you just gotta let it happen. So I poured my soul into all of this and never looked back.
I have been blessed with an opportunity to offer my passion to the most wonderful families. I want to fill your walls and your hearts with memories. I take my work very seriously and am a slight (big) perfectionist, but also douse the process with lots of light-hearted humor to make it fun. This is what I thrive on. I want you to love your experience and shout it from the roof tops (or wherever meets your fancy).
I cannot wait to meet you and make you part of my memories too!